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Residential (New Homeowners and Current Homeowners)

Rural Water Consumers (Well and Non-Well Systems)

HLCS believes in helping people make informed decisions about their water quality.
How can HLCS benefit you?

We provide you with the RESULTS and FACTS about your water quality

HLCS provides GUIDANCE and SERVICES to better your drinking water
HLCS gives you the PEACE OF MIND you have been looking for

You do NOT have to worry about:

  • Scare tactics
  • High pressure sales

HLCS can test your water for:

Lead and Copper

​Coliform (Presence/Absent)

​Turbidity (NTU)

​Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.)




​Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Chlorine DPD-- Free, Total, Combined, Mono-chloramine and Di-chloramine

​​And much more

  • We can provide a comparison of your water quality parameters after you install a home water system.
  • You can have your home drinking water inspected and tested by a State of Colorado Licensed Certified Water Professional.

  • We provide Well Inspections and Testing services compliant with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Tri County Health Department.

  • Most water tests can be performed at your home with Environmental Protection Agency / Safe Drinking Water Act approved methods and certified lab equipment.
    • Other tests can be performed and analyzed at an EPA Certified Laboratory

  • HCLS will review the tested results with you and provide guidance regarding the results.

  • We help you understand the facts and liabilities a home owner has when making changes to their home water system.

Call or E-mail us to schedule your services and ask about our %10 Military and Senior discount.

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